hare-from-5-animal-charm-braceletlongdog-from-5-charm-animal-braceletprowling-lion-from-5-charm-animal-braceletrunning-wild-boar-from-5-charm-animal-braceletyellow gold animalsGold Charm Bracelet
yellow gold animals
Gold Charm Bracelet

9ct Gold and Silver Animals Bracelets



We have a nice collection of jewellery in stock and we are always happy to discuss special pieces and make to your individual requirements.



2 silver bracelets with 5 or 6 animals and a choice of 2 different fastenings.

1 bracelet has a Greyhound, Rabbit, Wild Boar, Hare, Fox and a Ferret which is also the fastener all with ruby eyes.

The 2nd Bracelet shows a Prowling Lion, Running Hare, Running Boar, Longdog and a feather but has a standard clasp fastening. All have sapphire eyes apart from the lion which has emerald eyes.


We also have a 9ct Gold bracelet with 6 British animals running all with diamond eyes.

Additional information

Bracelet Type

6 Silver Animals, 9ct Yellow Gold & 6 Animals, 5 Silver Animals


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