Bipod Javelin Mk II



A bipod made from carbon fibre, extremely light and detaches from the rifle. Available in two lengths and with two different attachments to match the profile of the fore end of your rifle.



This very light Mk II bipod  slots into position on the rifle by a very secure magnet.

The standard bipod has a ground to stock height of 17-24cm (6.5-9.5″) and just 20cm (8″) in your pocket. Weighing only 148g (5.22oz).

I have mine secured by a circular metal slot which fits flush into the wooden stock, this requires a minimum of woodworking ability ( drilling a 13/16″ hole and epoxy ) but included with the bipod are two neat adapters. These two aluminium adapters are included as the rifle fore end may, in profile, be either flat or rounded and one of these will fit tidily onto your top sling swivel like the usual metal one.

The bipod is carried separately to the rifle ( I have a slim pocket in my hill slip ) and it takes a second to clip it into the magnetised socket and with draw out the legs. The bipod allows the rifle and more importantly, the cross hairs, to swivel upright and of course each leg is fully adjustable for height. A great product and as it is detachable it greatly improves the look of a decent rifle.


Also Available are Belt Pouches and Adapters


Each bipod is well packaged in a neat box with a foam rubber liner securing all the components.

Additional information


Standard, Belt Pouch, Adapters


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