Bols Snippen Club Right and Left Badges



It is many years since Bols gave out a bottle of apricot brandy, a tie and a silver badge for that most select band of shooters; those who have shot the witnessed right and left at woodcock.

However we have a replica and also our own design (BWC – British Woodcock Club) that is similar but with brown enamelling to commemorate the event or celebrate the bird and a time gone by.



The old woodcock club was wound up in the early 70’s, I guess the green loden overcoats were superceeded by sharp suits; shame.

A close friend of FSA proudly presented a Bols Snippen Club badge from the 60’s reciting his proud tailor his first right and left at woodcock from years gone by witnessed by his father and a family friend whom took the time to send away for it on his behalf.

To those of a certain age, this Silver Bols badge showing the two pairs of pin feathers has iconic status and we duly replicated it for those that had lost theirs or wanted something paying homage to a time long since past. As a nod to a new era we created a similar badge with subtle changes the BWC badge (British Woodcock Club) with brown rather than the traditional Germanic/Dutch green enamelling. So now there is a choice of two Right and Left Badges – one an exact copy of the original Bols badge and the other a most respectful nod to that wonderful shooting icon.

We would prefer to sell the green enamelled BOLS to those who are bona fide members of the original club that have perhaps lost their original badge. We will leave it to your concience as all the detail happened a long time ago.

Both of these badges are made in sterling silver, but they are not hall marked.

Made in Birmingham.

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Sterling silver Bols Snippen Club Badge Replica BSC, Sterling silver BWC Badge


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