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Bullet Reserves



We have a very practical way of stopping bullets rattling in your pocket which is also a very simple bullet storage system. Its cheap, very pliable and wont get in the way when crawling and as only the cotton webbing touches the brass your bullets wont go green!



Made by sewing together two pieces of green cotton webbing and blocking off alternate ends, the ends are then bound together with Dark Havana pigskin. They can be made for any number of bullets, but I prefer the number to match the magazine capacity.

If you wish you can buy two with the press studded ends and clip them together, this ” ring ” slips over your left wrist. Then when after the hinds, if you need to refill the rifle quickly the bullets are to hand immediately and there is no fuss rolling over trying to extract the bullets from your pocket whilst trying to keep your head down.

I also use the reserve to hold any fired brass to take back for reloading.

We can make them in different colours for different calibres. Basically its one size fits all the 6 & 7mm rounds, but we can make them any size to your spec.

I always keep one in my stalking jacket pocket and when the bullets are not in the rifle they live in the reserve. An excellent, simple bit of kit.

We also have available a selection of leather Bullet Pouches including the Small Bullet Pouch and the Express Bullet Pouch.

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