Canvas Cartridge Bag and Gun Slip

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Best quality CANVAS CARTRIDGE BAGS AND GUNSLIPS made from heavy canvas and trimmed with leather, the bags have the same features as leather and of course initials and a guardsman strap are included in the price.


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Canvas Gunslips and Cartridge Bags were very much in favour 30 or 40 years ago, but fashions have changed and now they seem to be replaced by the all leather variety.  There is no doubt that leather bags and slips do have a longer lifetime, but they are both substantially heavier than their canvas counterparts.  As travelling distances to shoot is becoming more common place, bulk and weight are an important consideration,  so this is where canvas scores.

Aside from the cost advantage of canvas, Canvas Gunslips have qualities that their leather cousins don’t have.  They are lighter, more easily dried out and foldable compared to leather slips.  The lining and the construction of a canvas gunslip is exactly the same as leather one, and my pair are now 35 years old and still going strong, although probably will need re-zipping in the next 5 years.

Initials can be added, blocked onto an oval and stitched to the slip at the top. Pairs are initialed so that the ovals each face outward.

A strap is included in the price. For the strap you have a choice of different coloured webbings or if you wish, the traditional leather strap. Straps can be either fixed or made with brass quick release ends. Pairs have our double gun strap in either strap and buckle or again the brass quick release ends.  Straps come in all widths and colours, please see the webbing photo and make your choice.

Buying a slip or a pair of slips which will last perhaps 50 or 60 years is quite an event so please give me a call and we can go through the various options and possibilities.



All made in Sussex

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Leather Binding Colour

Oxblood, Dark Havana

2 reviews for Canvas Cartridge Bag and Gun Slip

  1. Mark Rickards

    Fantastic quality bag and slip. First class customer service, Peter really knows his stuff, would definitely recommend.

  2. Mark Rickards

    Fantastic quality bag and slip. First class customer service. Peter really knows his stuff, highly recommended.

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