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These are very personal items and a good one will last for at least two generations; a cheaper bag will also give good service and most bags over time become old favourites so a replacement is not to be taken lightly.

As of 14 November 2018 we currently have 25 Best Cartridge Bags in Stock, all in various sizes and colours.

100 and 150 Size Pigksin available in Dark Havana only.


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Our 150 size  bag is our best seller to the 30 days a year man, with the 100 size as standard and favoured for 18 and 21sts.

Most shooting people would not be thought of as fashionable, but during the last 10 years there has been a considerable shift in cartridge bag colours, we used to sell roughly 50% dark brown and the other 50% were light havana , oxblood and mid tan. Now we are asked almost exclusively for dark havana ( bourneville chocolate colour ) which makes life easier for us but I do miss the oxbloods and the greens! Please choose whatever colour leather you want – we can supply cowhide in all colours and in many prints – pebble effect, croc print etc. etc.

Perhaps the construction of a best cartridge bag might be of interest; 100 cartridges used to weigh 10 lbs but if you are an up and under man  then your bag may weigh 15lbs – quite a lot, as nowadays even Gentlemen shoot 42grms! So gravity is the main consideration in the construction of a bag . It must have a ” belly band ” this is a broad thick strap that is sewn to outside of the bag around the bottom and finishes at either side with the buckles that connect to the strap; the strap carrys the whole weight of the cartridges via the belly band, so the bag itself simply contains the contents.

The next important feature is the means by which the two sides of the bag are kept apart. The bag will fall into the shape of a sporran if gravity is allowed to have its inevitable way – so we maintain the shape of the bag by a piece of flat steel bar, which is effectively a spacer. This bar is sewn into the front of the bag just below the lip and is identified by two rows of horizontal stitching, with this bar the bag will keep its shape for ever, come rain come shine; and it will get a lot of these in two generations of fair use and these bags do last for two generations.

Cartridge bags whose flaps wont stay open are a nuisance and the RAPID LOAD bag with its long steel rod hinge has proved so successful that this is the only model we now make. This full length hinge rod also acts in the same way as the flat bar at the front and helps to keep the two sides apart – my 150 bag which takes 175 impax is 28 years old and it is still in perfect shape, but of course it doesn’t get as much use as I would like.

Linings; bags are lined with suede pigskin and we usually have a  choice – in order of popularity green, red, blue, grey and brown. Please make your choice, we often have different shades of these principal colours.

All bags have a very wide oval opening at the top so grabbing cartridges is made easy.

You have a choice of sizes

50, 75, 100, 150, 250 and we have just made a 450 to take to Argentina.

Our bag patterns were made many years ago ( over 50 ) when most cartridges were rolled turnover. These squibs had bulky powders and were about 1/2″ longer than the modern crimped ones. So our 100 size bag will hold about 110 modern cartridges and 150 bag 170ish and pro rata for the smaller ones.

Perhaps I should say that all bags can be matched with new Gun slips and indeed we get many orders from people replacing tired kit with matching bags and slips. As leather varies from batch to batch ordering bag and slips together does make sense.

Initials are included in the price and we can block crests, monograms etc. If you are fussy about the positioning of dots ( and dashes ) please say so.

Straps come in all widths and colours, please see the webbing photo and make your choice.


All made in Sussex

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Cartridge Bag

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Cowhide Leather Colour

Blue, Conker, Dark Green, Dark Havana, Light Havana, Oxblood


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