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Strap shown on Shagreen Cartridge Bag
Cartridge Bag Straps
Cartridge Bag Straps
Cartridge Bag Straps
Cartridge Bag Straps
Cartridge Bag Straps

Cartridge Bag Strap

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Coloured cartridge bag straps used to be the seen only with army officers, usually made by the regimental saddler with stable belting. You can now join them; when travelling with others a coloured webbing cartridge bag strap is an easy way of identifying your own cartridge bag and slip.

Our choice of webbings offer you nice wide straps to make even the heaviest bag more comfortable to carry.


Webbing Choice

Please see photo and choose by Column, Row and indicate Colour Choice


A cartridge bag strap is a combination of broad webbing in the middle and leather at either end. You have a choice from a wide-range of webbings and four different colours of leather ends to match the colour of the bag; these colours are:- Dark Havana (a bourneville chocolate colour), Light Havana (honey colour), Conker (reddish brown) and Oxblood  (maroon). Please see the photo for the colours.

Although we currently have 70 different coloured webbings in stock, we do get requests for specific webbings not in stock; if this is the case then we are happy to make up any strap from your old stable belt. If you no longer have your stable belt then eBay is a good source of second hand or indeed new stable belts. Please talk to Peter about your requirements.


Cartridge bags come in many forms;  some are 100 years old and supplied perhaps by a famous West End Gunsmith – others made by a local saddler to his own pattern – so they vary a lot and the way of connecting the strap to the bag varies also.

To make a replacement strap we need to know how the existing strap is joined to the bag. Usually there are two brass buckles on either side of the bag with the leather ends passing through them;  we need to know the INSIDE width of these buckles – please don’t use the old strap to measure the width as it is often  narrower than the buckles  – over time gravity has pulled it out of shape.

We make 7 different widths of leather ends for cartridge bag straps, so after measuring the buckles, please choose from the following leather widths; 38mm, 32mm, 30mm, 28mm, 26mm, 22mm and 19mms.

Just to make life interesting not all cartridge bags have two buckles, some have only one buckle and on the other side there is a D ring with the strap fixed by a double headed brass rivet.  This is no problem – the D ring leather end is one size only (  26mms ) but we do need to know the inside width of the single buckle on the other side.

Just occasionally a cartridge bag has two D rings – one on either side, this is the easiest fitting as NO strap width measurement is required – the leather ends will be the standard 26mm wide, fastened by a rivet.

Cartridge Bag straps are all cut to about the same length – 50″ to the middle holes. If you require something different please advise.

I think big bags are easier to carry with a shorter strap and small walking up bags ( slung across the chest ) are better with  longer ones.

Width of webbing is interesting – the range is from 2″ to 3″ wide. I prefer 3″ and 2 3/4″ for 100, 150 & 250 bags.  The 50 bag looks best with 2 or 2 1/4″ width and I think a 75 bag can have a 2″ to 2 3/4″ webbing and still look in proportion. Usually the choice of width is a compromise as the webbings only come in only one width and a particular colour and therefore width, usually catches the eye.

Please choose your webbing from the photo
Please see photo and choose by Row, Column and indicate Colour Choice and then choose the  colour of  the leather ends – Dark Havana, Oxblood, Conker or Light Havana.


1.  Which webbing i.e. Please see photo and choose by Column, Row and indicate Colour Choice

2. Colour of leather ends i.e. From top of photo: Dark Havana, Oxblood, Conker or light Havana.

3. Width of leather ends i.e. 32mms – see choice of 7 widths above, for buckles only.

4. What fastens the strap to the bag i.e. 2 Buckles, 2 D rings or one buckle and one D ring.

Made in our own workshops.



If you don’t see the regimental colours that you are looking for, then we can look to source that belt material for you to create a special strap. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee that the webbing will be available, but we will do our best to help you get just what you want.

These straps will start at £70 which will be invoiced once the materials have been secured. The lead time will vary depending on the availability of the webbing.

For a Special Gunslip strap please email: with your regiment name and stable belt strap colours.

Additional information

Leather Colour

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Width Required

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Buckles/D Rings

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7 reviews for Cartridge Bag Strap

  1. Baudouin de Thoré (verified owner)


  2. Julian Scott (verified owner)

    Brilliant strap and very quick service

  3. Adrian S. (verified owner)

    Excellent quality

  4. simon masters (verified owner)

    excellent in all respects

  5. Kenneth (verified owner)

    Great product. Custom made and delivered very quickly.

  6. Tom (verified owner)

    The Cartridge Bag Strap Has just arrived and has exceeded my expectations. Really excellent quality and will serve a lifetime – unlike my old stable belt which it replaced! At some stage I will be back for a strap for my gun slips. Thank you!

  7. GUY VAN DEN BERG (verified owner)

    Extremely fast service. The Regimental Gunslip exceeded my expectations, the quality and finish is excellent and the visual impact is even better than I anticipated.

  8. Sarah Hamilton-Ely

    Extremely helpful and delivered promptly next day. A very happy customer who can tick another Last minute

    Christmas present off her list!

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