Cartridge Belt – “The Deluxe” Double or Single Row

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We make these cartridge belts from best bridle hide with a solid brass buckle. We can make them to any length and calibre and if there is room with any number of loops.




Single all leather cartridge belts are almost a thing of the past as they seem to have been superceeded by the clip and double belts, but I still use one and I am happy to make  a cartridge belt in the old style, usually with 30 loops. You can choose from the socket type with enclosed bottoms or the style I prefer which has loops to hold the cartridges and a leather stop underneath which prevents the cartridges from going right down this then leaves an inch of  the cartridge exposed at the top for easy extraction.

These belts are made in very best bridle hide with a huge brass buckle and in all calibres  12, 16, 20, 28 bore and .410. We will also make these belts in any rifle calibre, these are particular useful in the express sizes .470 etc.

An interesting feature of both the double and single belts is the fastening; this is an old fashioned style where the end folds back through the buckle and sits behind the belt, this keeps the tongue out of the way and allows your coat to sit properly. I think we are the only remaining maker to offer this style.



These belts are popular as the size of driven days has increased. Made by our bag and slip maker they are very best quality and feature an old fashioned way of fastening – the buckle is attached so that the excess belt at the end is tucked inside the rest of the belt is not left to push against the inside of your jacket or coat. It sounds complicated but it is simplicity itself and makes for a very neat fitting.

The loops are arranged in two layers of 25, one on top of another with the layer at the back slightly higher than the front, again very practical.

We make them in all calibres including 28bore and .410.

We now have these belts made in two different lengths and to order we add the holes and cut to length. So if you have a particular size in mind then we can make it precisely.
Our latest double belts feature a very strong brass buckle with double tongues – similar to the old Sam Browne belts.


Small – 32″ – 38″( 25 carts )

Medium – 36″ – 42″

Large – 42″ – 48″

XL – 45″ – 52″

XXL – 50″ – 58″

Size – this is the distance from the buckle to the first hole i.e the shortest distance, I suggest you choose a size 2 inches longer than your normal waist or trouser size but we have put in plenty of holes – about 6″ worth, so it will more or less last for ever.

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Cartridge Belt Type

Double Leather Cartridge Belt, Single Leather Cartridge Belt With Open loop & Stop, Single Leather Cartridge Belt with Socket

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  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Andrew Dalrymple (verified owner)

    Well it was fine, v good in fact, except, as you know Peter, your definition of a “medium”seems to have a 50 inch waist! Best Andrew

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