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Bespoke Casein Pot Placefinder



We have taken our Casein Pot Placefinder changed the pegs as standard and made the piece customisable so as that a personal touch can be added.

We have taken the casein pot and swapped the hand polished casein pegs for hand made scaled cartridges. These carefully made cartridges are made of three parts carefully assembled to appear like a replica cartridge.

This product is made to order, due to the customisable nature of the pot.

This is another of our products hand made in the UK


Engraving for the Base

Enter the shoot name for the base of the Pot


The detail of the peg is a scaled replica of a shotgun cartridge. The head is made from solid brass and then fitted with a turned copper cap which appears as the primer. Each cartridge is numbered on the side which is hidden in its slot when held in the base.

This is an intricate product with lots of detail, from the pot to the pegs there is fine turning work, hand polishing and detail not typically seen on products like this.

Included in the price is the engraving of the name of your shoot around the base of the hand polished casein pot. Should you prefer the standard pegs from the standard Casein Pot Placefinder please let us know after your order and we can arrange for this.

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