Cigar tubes

Cigar Tubes



Wonderfully politically incorrect – for some of us a decent days shooting is considerably enhanced by a cigar on the first drive after lunch.



After lunch we are usually being hurried along as the keeper is waiting and it is easy to forget the all important cigar; yes, it has to wait until after departure from the house, if you produce a cutter at the table you may be pounced upon even if your intentions are innocent.

So my turned and polished ivory casein or acrylic tortoishell cigar tubes should be stowed in the shooting jacket first thing in the morning whilst there is still time to organise these matters.

These cigar tubes are an object of great tactile interest and will keep your Havana in pristine condition until you are ready, the top is finely threaded and screws to the bottom, I offer 3 sizes of tubes; the larger ones ( robusto and Churchill ) are made only in acrylic tortoishell.

All the larger tubes have silver motifs of either snipe, woodcock, fox mask or wild boar on the top but I have other silver motifs on various sizes of tube so please phone and I will check my stock. I usually have about 20 tubes in stock, sometimes I have other colours – I have some churchill tubes in black casein shot with red at present.

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Cigar Tube

Acrylic Tortoiseshell Robusto Tube with Motif., Acrylic Tortoiseshell Churchill Tube with Motif




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