Premium Loadmaster in ConkerGood Day OutDouble Loadmaster Photo Courtesy of Brian Scott
Premium Loadmaster in Conker
Good Day Out
Double Loadmaster Photo Courtesy of Brian Scott

Cognac Loadmaster



The Loadmaster is the solution for those who wish to speed up their reloading. It holds 40 x 12 bore cartridges, this number increases for 16, 20 and 28 bore cartridges. The main contributor to the speed gains that come from a Loadmaster is the fact that the cartridges are presented brass first, in the same position every time.

The Loadmaster is reloaded in each chamber via a central slot. This process can be easily completed during the quiet periods on a large drive or at the end of a smaller drive.

The Loadmaster comes as standard without the inserts and suitable for 12 and 16 bore cartridges. The other options come with one or two sets of inserts at a reduced price.


Please see photo and choose by Column, Row to indicate you Colour Choice


As standard the Loadmaster comes suitable for 12 and 16bore cartridges holding 40 and 44 cartridges respectively. However, with the addition of our Loadmaster inserts they can be adjusted for 20 and 28 bore calibres.

The capacity of Sinclairs Loadmaster is either 40 x 12 bore, 44 x 16 bore, 50 x 20 bore and 54 x 28 bore cartridges.

Each Loadmaster is supplied with an olive green adjustable strap aS standard. If you prefer we can supply any Guardsman strap at an additional cost. Please refer to our strap section to make your choice.

Changing the Loadmaster for different Calibre’s
The conversion is simple and reversible with the use of 1 or 2 sets of inserts these are included in the price for the 20 and 28bore selections. The inserts are also available as individual pairs if you want to add them at a later date.

The inserts work as spacers that reduce the width of the chambers by slotting into the side walls of the Loadmaster. The inserts are removable and can be taken in and out of the system something that is important for the gun that shoots multiple calibres.

One pair of inserts is required for a 20 bore cartridge. These should be fitted to the outer walls of the chambers.

Two pairs of inserts are required for 28 bores. In this case an insert is fitted to each chamber wall, four in total.


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Cognac Loadmaster, Cognac Loadmaster with inserts for 20bore adjustment, Cognac Loadmaster with inserts for 28bore adjustment


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