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This premium game book is designed for the serious record keeper and is also very suitable as an Estate Book; it is quite large at 15″ x 11″ and made by our talented Book Binder who was trained by the National Trust. We offer two forms of this book – the “ English “ and the “ Scottish “ one has 5 blank columns and the other 3 blank columns and 2 headed stags and hinds.

We now also offer a Highland Game Book, 250 pages and space for 10,000 stags and also columns for game.


Name or Initials for Gold Blocking



This game book is designed for the serious record keeper and is very suitable as an Estate Book; it is quite large at 15″ x 11″ and made by our talanted Book Binder who was trained by the National Trust.

This Premium game book has 104 pages and 3 ( some have 5 ) annual total pages at the front. These “annual total pages” allow for the accumulation of  yearly totals of the various species for perhaps an estate and also allow a separate a page(s) for personal annual totals. As this book has 105 pages with 10 days on each page, it has space for over 1000 days shooting, so this may take many years .

The book has modest gold lining on the outside and speckled edges to the pages, it has a wide maroon page marker ribbon and our price includes gold blocking on the front, the normal choices are initials over “Game Book” or just the name of the property or initials over the name of the property; dates at the bottom are also possible.

The book is half bound; that is to say it has a dark green heavy duty cloth body with a contrasting best quality maroon morocco leather spine and corners, these are gold lined. Inside the covers there are ornate marbled end papers in green, gold and red, this adds a nice feel to these luxury books.

The heavyweight pages are made from 2oo gram Soperton which is made for use with either ball point or fountain pen. Each diary page has a wide horizontal line for each day and there are 10 of these lines to each page, without making it complicated I think we have given plenty of space for each important item.

Rather than repeating myself, the photos underneath will show the columns to record the important information, but I should point out that on the left page there are 3 horizontal lines to record your host, property and which beat; the usual weather and species columns then extra empty vertical columns for buffalo, doves, reeves pheasants or whatever takes your fancy. On the right page there is a wide space with 3 horizontal lines for the names of guns, 10 names will fit easily, most of the page is then taken up with a big space for comments.

We now offer two versions of this game book which have different column headings; the “ English “ version has 5 blank species columns and the “ Scottish “  version which has 3 blank species columns and 2 columns headed stags and hinds. Please discuss which type you prefer.

Probably the most important part of a Game Book is the area available for the description of the days sport and I have given 3 separate lines, totalling over 30″ for your story.

Another interesting feature of these books is the double line that runs through most of the left hand page, the reason for this double line is to allow the owner of the book to record, as usual, the party’s daily score, but then underneath this line there is a blank  line for his or hers own personal score, not everyone would wish to record this, but many will.

Printed in Edinburgh.


We now also have a Premium Highland  Game Book which has 250 pages and is mainly to record stags. This book has space for about 10,000 stags and/or days game shooting.

This book is a straight forward record, with both sides of the page having the same columns, it is made principally as a stag record with columns for date, shot by, location, stag, points, weight, but also columns for grouse, pheasant, partridge, duck, hare and others . There is a modest space for comments to the right of the various columns.

This book is produced to a high standard in exactly the same  manner as the book above, it is half bound in green buckram and maroon Morocco leather with gold linings on the sides and spine. It can be gold blocked on the front as required.

Printed in Edinburgh.

We have recently started to make a fine quality half bound visitors book using the same materials and the same Bookbinder as we use for the de lux Game Book, the 15″ x 11″ stiff covers are the same as the game book – a nice dark green cloth with a maroon leather spine and the corners each have understated gold lining.
There are 52 pages ( 104 sides ) of plain, high quality white paper in the traditional fashion with no lines , we use the same marbled green, gold and red end papers and of course there is a maroon page marker ribbon.

We include in the cost the gold blocking of a name on the front or perhaps you prefer just ” Visitors Book “.

Printed and bound in Edinburgh.

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