Deluxe JP Northumberland Loader’s Bag Removable Fronts



Additional fronts for the JP Deluxe Loaders Bag. Please select your bag size, calibre and colour / leather variations so as that we can match the pockets to your bag.


Leather Colour / Type * 

Please identify the colour and leather style you need to have the pockets match


The main feature that sets the JP Deluxe Loaders bag apart from other bags is the unique feature that allows for the pockets of be removed from the front of the bag and swapped with other fronts as guns switch between calibres.

The fronts are fully interchangeable and come in all calibres from 12 bore through to 4:10. No longer do guns or loaders have to make do with pockets that are too big for the smaller calibre rounds, and no longer will they need to have multiple bags.

Please ensure you identify which size bag you have so as that we can make the pockets to suit your bag.

The price shown does not include the the bag

Made in the UK

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12 Bore, 16 Bore, 20 Bore, 28 Bore, 4:10


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