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A 20 capacity bullet pouch designed for driven wild boar shooting, sliding onto a belt there is a choice of two colours – Dark Havana or Conker. A matching belt can also be supplied for a small extra cost.


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The last days pig shooting I had was exceptional, it was in France at a wonderful property in the Sologne and we shot 54 wild boar and 13 stags and hinds. It was memorable firstly for the size of the bag and secondly for the fact that I shot only one bullet. However my neighbour was lucky and must have fired 30 – 40 bullets during the day and at least 25 in one drive. The pig I shot was the biggest boar of the day (which was claimed by my neighbour! 7 on that drive wasn’t enough for him) but it got me thinking that there are now quite a lot of places where daily bags of 50 plus big game are not at all unusual.

Firing 20 plus rounds in a drive requires a bit of kit organisation and I had never seen a decent sized bullet pouch which would facilitate rapid rifle bullet loading whether using a double or a magazine rifle. I love the double rifle, usually in over and under form, but my impression is that as pigs are increasing then double rifles are being phased out in favour of magazine rifles which inevitably mean more bullets being fired, so this begs the question – how do we load them during the drive without too much fuss and pocket searching.

The solution is my “pig pouch” which holds 20 rounds of any size in two rows of 10 (that excellent pig round the long 9.3 x 74R fits perfectly) it slides nicely onto a belt where it can stay until lunch or you can slip the belt off between drives.

Made from a combination of soft panel hide and two slightly stiffer types of hide it is slightly curved and contains individual sockets for each of the 20 bullets; these sockets are .410 in size so that the bullet will come out easily with no resistance; about 1″ of bullet shows above each socket so there is no clinking of bullets but there is plenty of brass showing for quick withdrawl.

The pouch has a soft leather cover which closes with two Sam Browns studs and makes for completely silent opening and closing; when open, the soft cover folds back out of the way, behind the pouch. The pouch has a double back allowing any width of belt to be pushed through; we can supply a hand sewn bridle hide matching belt in the colour Conker, if required.

The pig pouch comes in the colour Conker which is a pleasing mid brown.

As the pig pouch will take any size of bullet from 6 to 10mm it is probably a good idea to give me the overall length of bullet you will be using,  then I can punch the closing holes accurately and give the cover a perfect fit.

Initials on the front will be blocked free of charge.

Made in our own workshop.

We also have available a selection of leather Bullet Pouches, Bullet Reserves, Bullet Slides and Express Bullet Pouches.

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