Solar Powered Ear Defenders & Leather Case





Ear Defender Case
Made from high quality leather and designed to neatly hold your ear defenders. Made from scotch grain leather and available in 3 colours – Tan, Oxblood and Dark Havana. These can also be matched with our Range Bag and compliment each other and designed to match your gun slip. They are round in shape, have a two way closing zip and a small brass D ring to attach to a belt or cartridge bag.

Solar Powered Ear Defenders
I sell a lot of SOLAR POWERED ear muffs with no problems, no more searching for new batteries at the start of the shooting day; they have proved to be a great success. Over the ear protection is the simplest form of ear protection and I refuse to sell ear muffs that don’t have any form of amplification in them. As a shoot organiser I think the man in his cheap ear muffs who cant hear any external noise is not really taking part in the day – he cant hear instructions from any quarter, he cant hear birds in the air and often he seems to be in a sort of trance.

With external hearing protection, amplification is a must!

Solar powered muffs have stood the test of time ( 15 years ) and now I have stopped selling the battery type. The weather doesnt seem to affect them and they work ( both ears have independant volume control ) perfectly well on dull days as well as on sunny ones. The makers say that they should be put in the sun regularly to recharge, but from experience it doesnt seem to matter. The acoustics are excellent and no better or worse than the battery type. This is a useful product for those who haven’t gone to the ” in the ear custom variety ” which has always been my own choice.
July 19. We can now offer a very smart ear defender case that is either secured ( via a broad strap) to your gunslip or cartridge bag or your belt. This quality item is made from scotch grain leather in 4 different leather colours

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