Electroformed birds and animals

Electroformed Silver Centrepieces



These pieces look like solid silver because they are, the difference between these electroformed pieces and the solid silver table centerpieces is that a thick layer of solid silver is formed onto a solid resin base, by electrolysis. This means that much less silver is used in the process and the price is correspondingly lower. The weight of each piece is almost the same because of the weight of the resin underneath.

All this makes for beautiful and affordable silver birds and animals.



Our solid silver table centre pieces continue to rise in cost (and value) in line with the price of silver bullion. This price  increases to record levels practically every day and the experts think that afour fold rise in the next four years is to be expected. Indeed the price of silver has risen by 45% in the last 9 months.

This makes our solid silver pieces more and more costly to make but we now have a more affordable option for those who would like to own such beautiful objects. These are wonderfully modelled animals and birds which are cast in hard resin and then covered with a thick layer of sterling silver. This process is called electroforming and it is fully recognised by our Assay Houses which give each piece it own Sterling Silver Hall marks.

Each piece has baize covered feet so they are perfect for polished surfaces, indeed their traditional place is down the centre of mahogany table, but perhaps they deserve a more prominent position!

Running Fox – 23cms long x 11 cms high

Single Pheasant – 17 cms long x 11 cms high

Pair of Pheasants – 11 cms long x 11.5 cms high

Rhino – 18 cms long  x 15 cms high

Elephant – 23 cms long x 15 cms high

Stag – 16 cms long x 26 cms high

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