Express Bullet Pouch



An 8 round bullet pouch made in cowhide, ostrich, lizard, elephant or crocodile. This pouch will take most of the express rounds from .416 Rigby to .500 NE, it will take .577 Snider but only just. Initials or calibres on the outside are offered FOC.


Case Blocking + £20

Name or Initials with or without stops


This is an 8 round bullet pouch made for the large express rounds, I make them in the three cowhides as well as various exotic leathers. This model will take any round up to .577 Snider ( this round seems to have the fattest brass ) which does fit but it is a little tight. It will comfortably take .416 Rigby which I think is this longest of the express rounds.

I also have some cowhide express pouches which have Sam Brown closing studs, the others have a strong ring stud.

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