The Bowmont TantalusBowmont Field TantalusThe Bowmont TantalusThe Shipka TantalusShipka Field Tantalus
Bowmont Field tantalus in solid oak
The Bowmont Tantalus
Bowmont Field Tantalus
The Bowmont Tantalus
The Shipka Tantalus
Shipka Field Tantalus

Field Tantalus – The Bowmont & The Shipka



A choice of 2 finest quality Field Tantalus, made by our local cabinet maker to the highest of standards; no faced board or chip board is used and the brass furniture is specially cast  in Sheffield by the last brass foundry in the country. The box`s carrying handle is handmade and secured by brass plates with 6 brass bolts, there are 3 secret hinges to give maximum strength and durability to this inevitably heavy box. Both Tantalus are supplied with a set of 12 silver plated and gold washed cups.




This Field Tantalus is made from solid Walnut, is not leather covered so the patina and figuring of the wood is shown at its best.  It comes COMPLETE with 12 of our 225ml silver plated, gilded, fluted champagne cups which are numbered on the bottom 1 to 12.  It will hold 2 bottles of champagne and a bottle of say sloe gin.

There is a drop down shelf which clicks into position both up and down and provides a safe platform to pour the drinks. There is a small drawer above the bottles to hold corkscrews and bottle openers.

The box is finished with best quality solid brass corners, brass hinges and lock, only solid wood is used and no faced or composition wood is used anywhere.



This Tantalus is covered in best bridle hide  ( Sedgewicks  ) the box is made from solid Oak which contrasts well with the dark Havana leather, the price includes 12 Silver Plated Beaded Champagne Cups (275ml) and is designed to hold two bottles of Champagne and say a bottle of Sloe gin with the  12 Beaded Champagne cups.

There is a drop down leather covered shelf which clicks into position both up and down, in the down position it provides a safe platform to pour the drinks, it has a small drawer above the bottles to hold corkscrews and bottle openers, .

The box is fitted with the very best heavy solid brass corners, lock and  very strong hinges and has a good solid brass lock.   The matching handle is handstitched in our workshop

I believe that there is only one master saddler in the country who can work to this exceptionally high standard, so the supply is limited; I try to keep two in stock but if you require one for a present, please advise early. Variations as to leather colour and wood are possible but please note that at least 6 weeks notice will be required.

Plaques in solid silver or leather can be supplied on request.


If you wish to upgrade the 12 cups, then there are choices  – we have three solid silver champagne  cups which will fit. These are the Sterling Silver Planished Champagne (225 mls)and the Solid Silver Fluted Champagne Cups(225ml) and the Vintage Champagne cups (175ml). For the relevant prices please click on each option.




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