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Safety in grouse butts has always been a prominent issue and often butt sticks are provided by the owner. However in operation some of these sticks leave gaps and compromise safety. My sticks, sold in pairs , have an adjustable top rail which will not leave a gap even in a large probably round butt. As an option I supply a waterproof carrying case which clips directly onto your gunslip D rings, so there in nothing extra to carry.


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Designed by J.P. these lightweight butt sticks are sold in pairs either with a carrying case or without.  A lot of thought has gone into the design and the materials used and I am confident that the result is pairs of sticks which allow the user to shoot safely and with confidence. Used sensibly they will guard your neighbour, give you a decent arc of fire and they are adaptable to most butts be the butt large or small, stone, wooden or peat.

These butt sticks are made from 16 and 20mm diameter lightweight,  green plastic coated, high carbon steel tubing. This tubing is rust proof, very strong and almost impossible to bend; the uprights have  pointed oak inserts which push into the top of the butt and a joining top rail which is telescopic, depending on the size of the butt this allows the sticks to be opened up to the maximum  convenient horizontal length between the uprights – 55″ – J.P. advises that short top rails can leave a danger zone and this is a common failing with plain non adjustable wooden sticks.

The two stick uprights are each 40″ high and the top  horizontal rail will extend from 31″ to a maximum of 55″.  To use them in a hurdle or flake butt then each upright end can be separated from the other upright end; then the  individual sticks (with half a top rail dangling) can  be used as single upright sticks on either end of the hurdle.

The butt sticks  joints are well formed using  heavyweight nylon strapping  screwed into recessed oak plugs, these joints are very strong and they articulate  in any direction;  they dont have to be opened in a particular plane.

When not in use the three component tubes collapse easily and they are then held together with an integral leather strap and buckle making  for convenient carrying; as each pair of sticks weighs only 1.1 Kg then they are not an encumbrance.

A brown waterproof canvas case is available to take a pair of sticks. The case has two solid brass clips which clip onto the two D rings of your gunslip, so there are no extra straps to bother about. The closing tab of the case will be blocked with your initials or the name of the moor.

We usually sell these Butt Sticks in sets of 10 pairs, but pairs are available singly with or without a case.

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Grouse Butt Sticks

Grouse Butt Sticks – Pair, Canvas Case for Pair of Butt Sticks, Set of 10 pairs of Butt Sticks, Set of 10 Pairs of Cased Butt Sticks


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