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Our best gunslips are available in cowhide, pigskin or canvas. Lined with best quality real sheepskin which is clipped and dyed dark brown, they have heavy duty YKK zips and come complete with initials and a strap of your choice.

Pigskin Gunslips are available in Dark Havana Only.

Cowhide Gunslips can be made in a variety of colours, please contact us to discuss your order.

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Our best gunslips are very popular, they are made from cowhide, pigskin or canvas and they are made for heavy use over many years.  Pigskin is the most popular leather and I think this is so, not because it is more hard wearing than cowhide, but because the  stippled effect made by the surface hair follicles probably gives a little more protection against minor scratching.  We also stock some Exotic Skin Gunslip should this be more your thing.


Pigskin Gunslips are available in Dark Havana Only.

Cowhide Gunslips can be made in a variety of colours, please contact us to discuss your order.

The quality of the external leather is important, but probably more important is the sheepskin lining which gives the cushioning for the gun inside. We always use real sheepskin which is clipped to give a pile about half an inch thick, it is interesting to note that we sometimes receive slips of other makers to repair and if they are lined with acrylic sheepskin, this has always  gone flat and so it is useless for protecting the gun.  Our sheepskin lining is died a rich dark chocolate colour so that over the passage of time the lining stays the same colour- if it was white it would go dirty brown!

At the moment Dark Havana Brown leather is much the popular colour but we can source any colour of leather that you wish, please discuss your requirements, cowhide can be obtained in most colours but pigskin is restricted to Dark Havana.

The overall slip length is important as barrels lengths are getting longer, with 32 and 34 inch being common. As the norm I recommend a slip which takes a 30″ gun with a 15 1/2″ stock. If your gun is 28″ then it will fit easily into the slip or you can stuff the end with  material or paper.

If you later opt for longer barrels then we can extend the muzzle cap to the required length, quite an easy and inexpensive job.  Our slips have round muzzle plugs which will accommodate both side by sides and over and unders.

All our slips have a stock pocket which is a diagonal piece of leather into which the toe of the stock fits,  if you forget to pull the zip right up this will prevent the gun from falling out.

Zips, we use the best quality YKK zips in hard nylon! These have proved to be very strong and since we have used them we have never had to replace one. The older metal zips do have  a life and we can replace these if you have a problem. I recommend that zips are sprayed with a silicon spray  perhaps once a season or more if they get very wet.

Initials and strap: of course included in the price are your initials and a guardsman strap. The initials are blocked onto an oval and stitched to the slip at the top, for the strap you have a choice of around 70 different coloured webbings or if you wish the traditional leather strap. Pairs are initialed so that the ovals each face outward.  Straps can be either fixed or made with brass quick release ends,  pairs have our double gun strap in either strap and buckle or again the brass quick release ends.

Buying a slip or a pair of slips which will last perhaps 50 or 60 years is quite an event so please give me a call and we can go through the various options and possibilities.


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