Gannochy Loader x 100



The 100 size Gannochy is for heavy double gun shooting; it turns an average (or worse) loader into a dextrous expert, never again wait for a gun.


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Gannochy Loader x 100

On a double gun day a gannochy in 100 or 50 size will certainly give you more shooting. Why ? – because each drive your loader starts with 100  or 50 cartridges all facing the right way up with just sufficient room between them to take one or two at a time and loading the gun is so easy as the breech of the empty gun is six inches away from the Gannochy, this hangs down in front of him at waist level on the adjustable strap.

The gannochy lid is detachable and when loading I often take it off to improve mobility, maximum loading efficiency will be achieved by the loader varying from where he takes his cartridges. If in a flush then he should take them from the top two rows, if the shooting is spaced then from lower down.  He should get into the habit of moving cartridges up into the top two rows where they are not pushed fully down into their clips, but left proud with half of their length protruding, for easy grabbing.

Loaders scratching the hand of gun stocks with the cartridge heads can be a source of irritation to some guns, indeed some guns forbid their loaders to use this practice, which is a shame as most loaders take pride in their swiftness.

By using a gannochy it is possible to ask your loader to avoid holding 4 cartridges between the fingers of his right hand and load straight from the Gannochy.

The Gannochy is offered as standard in 12 and 20 bore, however we can also produce them in other calibres for an additional charge.

Please select your webbing strap from the webbing board and indicate which one by  the number of the row and number in from the left. Ie R4 x 1 is dark blue, I suggest only 3″ wide webbing for a 100 size gannochy.

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100 Size Gannochy


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