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The Marlborough is a most elegant and functional solid silver placefinder with square white pegs and large black numbers, made in two sizes it is the ultimate in offering a stylish start to the day.


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Initials to be blocked on case

Leather Slip Blocking

Initials to be blocked on the leather slip


The Marlborough

This is my best selling high end placefinder – it is understated, beautifully made and functional – it is designed to be used. I now offer the Marlborough in two sizes and I sell them in about equal numbers.

The Marlborough is 95 mms long and 60mms high; the white pegs are 57 mms high, 8mms square  and the black numbers 5 high mms.

The small Marlborough is 72 mms long and 47 mms high; the white pegs are 40 mms high, 5 mms square and the black numbers are 3.5 mms high.

The standard Marlborough is meant as a hall table placefinder and the small one to be carried in the pocket, but you will decide. The solid silver, hall marked box is made by one of the best silver box maker in the country with fine engine turning 0n the outsides this prevents finger marks and scratches. The interior is gilded and the top opens up to about 150 degrees to allow eager fingers to select their peg without fuss or spillage.

The inside has casein (white) spacers to keep the pegs tidy and there is a central divider to hold the pegs upright for easy removal.

The numbers on each of the 10 pegs have been carefully designed to be read easily, the pegs are large and easy to extract; each of the four sides of the square and tapered pegs has the number 1 – 10 engraved in black (6 and 9 are underlined), so no searching for the number! The pegs look like ivory but they are made from polished casein.

On one side of the box there is a circular blank cartouche for initials. We can also engrave the top of the box with perhaps the name of the shoot or a dedication, please contact us for details.

For protection both the standard and the small Marlboroughs are contained in a thin coloured pigskin leather slip; we can add descrete gold initials or the shoot’s name on this slip.

This is a most elegant and practical placefinder, simple to use with numbers that can be easily read – even without reading glasses!

Made in the UK.


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