Best Quality Shotgun Cleaning Kit by Mike Marsh.



Made by Mike Marsh, the master. This simple, perfectly functioning cased cleaning kit comprises of a three piece London Pattern rod ( that is a pear shaped handle and a two piece rod ) and a jag , mop and brush.



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The three piece rod is made from ebony with nickel silver ferrules, each joint is individually turned on a lathe and then finished by hand polishing, giving a fit which is perfect. There are two long pieces and a short end which is swollen to allow a good grip, this is known as a London pattern rod.

At shows I have great fun by asking the customer to watch the two sections of the rod closing then just as the two parts come together I ask again to watch closely and then as the joint is made then the gap just disappears as there is no tolerance at all between the sections – they are an absolutely perfect fit, just a cleaning rod – but wonderful, Mike Marsh at his best.

We offer three different sizes (diameters) of cleaning rods – 12, 20 and 28 bore. 16 bore tools are suitable for 12 bore rods. Also 12 bore brushes etc will fit perfectly onto 20 bore rods so a mixture of cleaning kits is possible in the same case.

The jag mop and brush are each finished with rope knurl work and the whole fits into a panel hide carrying roll with is fastened with three brass press studs – very practical and useful.

The case comes in two colours Dark Havana and a Mid Brown, it is divided in two with a horizontal section for the rod ( closed by a press studded flap ) and a top part for the jag, mop and brush.

We can discretely initial the case and this comes within in the price – usually in gold.

Made in England.

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