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At last we have found one man in Birmingham who can temper silver. This is important because after plenty of use the money clip will still retain its spring and will hold the notes firmly.  Available in Solid Silver and with a few in 9ct Yellow Gold



These solid silver money clips are a good size and made from thick hallmarked silver – just under 3″ x 1″ .

We can supply them with any of our motifs – grouse, partridge, pheasant, woodcock, salmon, mayfly, rabbit, hare, longdog, fox, rabbit, squirrel or stag. These are very stylish and practical, I always use one myself, a great and practical gift.

I also have a few money clips in 9ct yellow gold which are quite an eye turner. At present I have a woodcock, grouse, salmon and pheasant.

All money clips are made in Birmingham.

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Money Clips

9ct Yellow Gold Grouse, 9ct Yellow Gold Pheasant, 9ct Yellow Gold Salmon, 9ct Yellow Gold Woodcock, Silver Fox, Silver Grouse, Silver Hare, Silver Longdog, Silver Mayfly, Silver Partridge, Silver Pheasant, Silver Rabbit, Silver Salmon, Silver Squirrel, Silver Stag, Silver Woodcock


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