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This style of cartridge bag is designed by J.P for Grouse and Pigeons.  The brief was to make a bag which would not tip over on a butt or in a hide.

The bag has an extra large opening for large hands to grab cartridges quickly.  Handle for easy extraction from a large loadspace in the back of a vehicle so we put a handle which we put on the back.  Decent capacity – it holds 140 cartridges.


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This bag has designed by JP for grouse and pigeon shooting. Its design is quite different than the usual style of bag, being lightweight without frills but practical. JPs brief was to make a bag that would sit on top of a butt or pigeon hide, so the bag is a different shape from others, it has a large flat base so that it wont tip over, it also has an extra large opening at the top so that large hands can grab cartridges quickly.

At the back it has a flat handle which makes it easy to pull out from the rear of a large load-space, say a pick up or a range rover. The capacity is 140 cartridges which is about the most you can carry conveniently. the soft lid closes with a Sam Browne stud which makes it quick to access at the start of the drive. the 3″ wide strap is comfortable and also adjustable so the bag can be slung across the shoulders if necessary or shortened to carry over one shoulder.

JP has given it his seal of approval and I noticed that he was using one on a recent shoot.

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