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This style of cartridge bag is designed by J.P for Grouse and Pigeons.  The brief was to make a bag which would not tip over on a butt or in a hide.

The bag has an extra large opening for large hands to grab cartridges quickly.  Handle for easy extraction from a large loadspace in the back of a vehicle so we put a handle which we put on the back.  Decent capacity – it holds 120+ cartridges.


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This cartridge bag has designed for grouse and pigeon shooting.  The brief was to make a bag which would not tip over on a butt or in a hide.  The bag has an extra large top opening for large hands to grab cartridges quickly.  It has a flat handle on the back for easy extraction from the back of say a range rover, it also has a good capacity holding at 120+ cartridges and a simple closing with a Sam Browne stud which makes it quick to access at the start of a drive.

This is a lightweight straight forward with a 3″ wide adjustable strap so that the bag can be worn across the shoulders if a long walk is undertaken

JP has given it his seal of approval and I noticed  he was using one on a recent shoot.

We can make this bag is 3 sizes, 120 size, 180 size, and 200 Size, the larger  bag will comes with cartridge loops attached which can hold approx. 20 cartridges in 2 rows of 10 to allow quick reloading, please see photos for detail.

There is a choice of 2 3″ wide straps, plain dark blue webbing or red and blue striped webbing. These can be viewed these on the webbing board (ref – R1x3 and R4x1)

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