Oil, Grease and Striker Pots

Gun Case Accessories – Oil, Grease, Striker Pots and Striker Blocks



We stock both round and square oil pots in several sizes, they all have a pointed dibber attached to the top – this is to allow only one drop of oil at a time to be used; this is important to prevent overuse. If too much is used then over time the stock or foreend can become impregnated with mineral oil which will make it soft.



We have 4 different OIL POTS – each has a screw top and a dibber; some are square, some round, some are made from solid brass and some in nickle plated brass.

We can also supply MUZZLE PLUGS for most calibres, these are chromed steel with a cork stopper and an outer layer of felt which can either be left dry or perhaps given  a  light anointment of oil.

A HORN STRIKING BLOCK used to be a regular inclusion in gun cases when it was the fashion to relieve springs and they are also useful for recocking ejectors.

Horse Hair Dust Brushes are also available.

Made in India.

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