Pair of Pheasants – Solid Silver Table Centrepieces



A fabulous pair of solid silver pheasants in the classic display; available in two sizes – one pair weighing 1,850 grams the smaller pair 320 grams, there is no finer addition to a sporting mans table.



This pair of displaying pheasants are certainly the most flambouyant of all my silver table centre pieces, these are popular so I offer exactly  the same models in two sizes; one large and one more restrained.

The LARGE PAIR are really quite big, the HEN is 260 mms from beak to tip of tail, 200 mms wing tip to wing tip and she stands 150 mms high at the highest point; she weighs 880 grams.

The COCK bird is the heaviest single bird or animal that I offer and he comes in at 964 grams. He is 280 mms long and 100 mms broad, he stands 110 mms high at the tallest point – his head.

The SMALL PAIR are exactly the same in posture and have the same detail as their larger cousins and the only difference is that they are smaller and so more affordable. The cock is 140 mms long and 40 mms broad, he stands 65 mms high and weighs 173 grams.

His hen is 125 mms long, 85 mms wing tip to wing tip, she stands 60 mms high and weighs a ladylike 140 grams.

These Vanders patterns  have been around for about 100 years and they are still the most popular in the series and it is easy to see why.

Made in Sheffield.

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Pair of large silver pheasants, Pair of small silver pheasants


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