Rifle Slip – Hill Slip, Made to Measure.



This unlined waterproof canvas HILL SLIP is for use whilst actually stalking or for keeping the rifle from prying eyes. A simple slip of old fashioned design, quick to dry and rolls up nicely as a rest. You supply the outline and we can make the slip to fit moderator, big scope and bipod.


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This hillslip does not have a zip, it is closed by a simple strap and buckle and it is designed to keep the rain out; with its 3″ wide strap, it is almost a pleasure to carry.

The butt end of the slip is reinforced with pigskin and the muzzle is also made from reinforced leather with a blocked circular end cut to neatly fit the moderator. If you wish we can fit a pigskin action patch which will also cover the scope, but this will make the slip more difficult to roll up.

We have to be careful when we make a rifle slip as the modern rifle usually has a bipod, a moderator and probably a large fat scope and together with differing barrel lengths the slip has to be tailor made to take into account these variations.

To achieve the best fit we ask you to send us a felt tipped pen outline of the rifle drawn on a sheet of news or brown paper; I then set my “try rifle” to these measurements/outline and using this ( now in 3 dimensions ) we can make a slip to give a good, but loose fit.

If you are particular about the exact fit of the rifle to the slip, then I am happy to send the slip back to you after it has been cut out and then stapled together, but not sewn. Whilst the outline is an excellent start, it does not convey the three dimensional aspect of your particular rifle – but sending it back will confirm or otherwise.  If the fit is not to your liking then please mark the slip accordingly and we will adjust it before finishing it.

The hill slip is avialable in either olive green or foxy brown high quality waterproof canvas; we will block your initials on the closing tab FOC. We use pigskin and bridle leather for trims, the buckle is solid brass.

The slip strap is a comfortable 3″ wide and made from dark green webbing, from March 2014 all hillslip straps will be adjustable for length, using a solid brass loop and slider. On the hill we usually carry the rifle muzzle down with the slip strap across the chest and the rifle remains in the slip until it is removed from the slip when the final crawl is made to the shooting point. When the moment comes that it is likely that a shot is on and the rifle is to be unslipped, then a normal slip strap is pulled over the head and if this is done carelessly then the deer may see the movement.

Our adjustable slip strap has a very strong solid brass scissor clip on one end, this fastens to the lower (muzzle end) D ring on the slip. Releasing this clip is simple and can be done silently and as it is well away from the skyline it removes the potential problem of a loose hat and a hand waving in the air.

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