Roaring Stag Cufflinks



An excellent roaring stag with either a three draw telescope, French hunting horn or Oval for Engraving. Available in silver or gold.

Please use the box below to identify up to 4 initials and full stops for engraving on the ovals


The Roaring Stag and Telescope or Hunting horn chained cufflinks are available in Silver and Gold. The telescope or hunting horn can also be replaced with an Oval for engraving initials for a personal touch.

Its a little strange for British stalkers to think of the stag as the subject of a driven day but on the continent it certainly is and thats why we offer the Roaring Stag with a Gold Plated European  Hunting  Horn. On the continent everyone carries a horn and it is the means by which information passes across the forest, when you can wait for three hours at your stand, the sound of the horn is a welcome relief and also a sign that every one hasn’t gone home and left you!.


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