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You should only ever buy one roe sack so please buy the best. This sack is called the Sika because it will take one and also two roe.

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A professional roe sack with a best quality detachable waterproof lining ( as in truck sheet ),  it has three pockets at the back – two large ones for knives etc and a central one for a telescope.

The body is made from very strong rip stop material in an greenish olive colour and the straps and trimmings are made from very heavy bridle leather. For loading, one shoulder strap has a detachable hook on the bottom end which hooks onto a ring on the body of the sack, there is also a chest strap which makes it a pleasure (almost) to carry a beast or beasts some distance.  It has a capacity of two does and probably two bucks, but perhaps one  should be a yearling.

To put mine on my back I load the beast into the liner, put the sack on a tree stump or a suitable rise in the ground. Sit down in front of it and slip one arm through the attached strap. Then drape the detached strap over my shoulder and attach to the bottom ring. Slowly stand up and jiggle the sack until comfortable and then buckle up the chest strap. The very wide shoulder straps and the chest strap make this sack comfortable to carry beasts quite a long way.

This sack is not cheap but it is made from the very best quality materials and it is meant for heavy usage  –  it is virtually indestructible, if you require the best, then this is it.

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Roe Sack

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  1. robert grant

    Top of the range piece of kit , i use it nearly every day ,huge carrying capacity , totally waterproof , very tough for the demands of carrying out deer or even wild boar, i live in the French Pyrenees Mountains and i would not use anything else for hunting or Bush craft, it is a healthy price , BUT on this occasion it is worth every penny and one time investment on a handmade ,tough well designed ROE SACK, i have had mine 4 yrs plus and it is still as the day i bought it ………

    • Peter Readman (store manager)

      Thanks Grant, I will let our lady saddler know you kind remarks. Peter

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