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I offer three different shooting sticks all made by the same foundry in Birmingham. I believe that they are the best quality and most durable shooting sticks to be found anywhere. I can now also offer a non UK Umberella shooting stick at an attractive price, this has a plain green brolly.



My memories of shooting stick users goes back to youthful days in Lincolnshire when it appeared that it was the fashion for Lincolnshire farmers of a certain age ( and acreage )  to use and often to shoot from a shooting stick.

Perhaps this was a product of crouching behind high hedgerows waiting for those beautiful, clever grey birds to be driven over – if they came quietly then they hadn’t seen you; but if they arrived all a squawking and swerving then they had – and your head was too high!  I think then a shooting stick was an efficient way of keeping still and improving concealment.

That was far away from todays shooting parties when talking and a racket seems to be the norm – indeed some parties actually seem incapable of being quiet even when they are very pointedly asked to do so.

I am pleased that I have found the Rolls Royce of shooting sticks and I wonder if the same company made the sticks of my youth,  I remember those sticks being quite wide in both width and also in breadth and to be honest I didn’t think that they were still available; but they are!

I  offer 3 types of shooting stick;  all the handles/seat frames are made from best quality cast aluminium and at the bases there are large aluminium turnover kicking plates ( 90 mm in diameter ).  The seats are best quality pigskin, doubled then well stitched and finished. The  shanks are adjusted to length with large wing nuts and the shanks are made from the best quality lightweight steel and finished with a powder coating. The shank will adjust from a seat height of 560mm to a maximum of 800mm.

In addition, each stick has an aluminium belt loop on the underside of the seat which when the handles are folded back, allows with the minimum of fuss the convenient attachment of the stick to your belt.

The UMBRELLA shooting stick has a standard leather seat ( 92mm X 300mm – seat only,  not including the handles ) and is combined with a high quality large brolly ( 1100 mm in diameter ) this  is perfect for use just as an umbrella or for general use – racing, gamefairs etc. Because of the brolly, this stick does not adjust. The seat is 680mm off the ground.

The STANDARD shooting stick is a beautifully made stick with a fully adjustable steel shank. The comfortable seat is 92mm X 300mm.  It has a belt clip;  with no frills I regard this stick as a best quality working tool which will last a lifetime. I suggest this stick for ladies and the smaller man. Leather can be in light or dark brown.

The LARGE shooting stick is the same as B but with a larger seat – 110mm x 300mm in size – this stick is very suitable for the larger shot who enjoys sitting in comfort.  As above it has a fully adjustable shank with a large kicking plate and a belt clip.  This is my stick of choice for most shooting men. Leather can be in either light or dark brown.

Made in Walsall.

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Shooting Stick

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  1. Jeffrey O. (verified owner)

    Great quality stick. Forging and leather bits are first class. The plastic clamp is a tad flimsy in comparison but overall a good bit of kit.

    • Peter Readman (store manager)

      Thanks for the feedback Jeffrey. The clamp is made so that it can be tightened around the stem; it has to be flexible and very strong – ABS plastic.

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