Shooting Trousers



Shooting Trousers, made to measure to fit perfectly.


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Some might have noticed a trend away from plus 2’s and goes to trousers with slim legs.  I have always found that it is the garter or stocking tie that can be uncomfortable at the end of the day.

These shooting trousers are worn with a pair of normal (probably thick) socks, so no ties are necessary.  These trousers have several useful features:

  1. They are fully silk lined
  2. They have narrow bottoms with concealed zips so they fit easily into wellies
  3. They have high backs which cover the kidneys
  4. Two back pockets, one zipped (tip money), one buttoned
  5. Made for braces so no restriction around the waist
  6. Best quality middle weight Glen Lyon Tweed – Warm and light not heavy
  7. Made to measure, so they fit perfectly each time


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Shooting Tweeds

Shooting Trousers


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