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Silver Card or Menu Holders – 6 Scottish Animals/Birds



Edinburgh Collection of Scottish Animals.There is a tragic story behind these card/menu holders which I will relate to any interested parties, suffice to say that these delicate models were carved by an up and coming Scottish artist who had ladies brooches in mind.



The origin of these pieces is interesting  I was given the set of 12 waxes by one of my casters; they had never been used when I was given them about 5 years ago and frankly I didnt know what to do with them despite their obvious appeal.

It came to me eventually that with perhaps two different bases I could make them into very fine silver card holders and I imagined them set out on a smart mahogany table in the New Town.

It took some time to achieve this but you must judge for your self as to the effect; I think they are so elegant and with each card holder being different they are very unusual and I would hope quite a talking point.

Each piece is hall marked and the bases are covered in green baize to prevent scratches.

Each set of six card holders comes in its own smart blue and gold box.

Birds and animals may be ordered as sets or individuals or multiples of individuals as you wish.

Made in Birmingham.

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