Solid Silver Fluted Champagne Cups (2)
SS Fluted Champ Cups
Solid Silver Fluted Champagne Cups (2)

Silver Fluted Champagne Cups



These Britannia Solid Silver Fluted Champagne Cups are our flagship cups, with large hallmarks.  They are made from the  highest grade of silver obtainable which is Britannia Silver, it has a purity .958 (sterling silver is .925) and looks better, weighs heavier and has its own Britannia Hallmarks; simply the best.  Available in cased sets of 10 or 12 cups.


Case Blocking + £20

Name or Initials with or without stops



You simply cant get better quality, at between 170 and 180 grms in weight, these cups demonstrate that their owner has arrived!

These fluted champagne cups of are hall marked of course and they bear the largest marks that are feasible on a curved surface – each of the four marks (Our mark, Birmingham, Date and Britannia) is about 10mm square and the marks are struck a little higher than half way up the cup – so they are very visible !

The height of each cup is 8 cms and the diameter is 7.5 cms across the fluted rim and they have a capacity of 225 mls- they are magnificent and each cup is gilded.

A set of these cups are often given as a serious present and we can engrave the cups with crests, monograms, initials, shoot names etc,  this is not expensive as it is done by computer and just requires some art work by our (or your) graphic artist.  All of our cups are numbered at the bottom on the inside, the numbers 6 and 9 are underlined to avoid possible mix ups .

Please note that due to their very high silver content, the cost of these cups can vary.



Each set of our cups comes with a handstitched, best leather case. We are rather proud of these as no one else makes such a quality case, years ago I realised that the usual Jewellers type case was made to a price and just didn’t stand up to serious use.

The problem is that the cups are used in the field! This means that the dregs are left in the cups and these seep out onto the inside of the case during the rest of the day and by 6 o’clock (surely not the next day) it is impossible to wash it off a cheap case. The sloe gin has now penetrated the leather and the rot literally sets in – result – a slowly disintegrating case that marks the plating on the cups.

The solution is to spend a bit of money on a quality lined case. Our Handstitcher uses a form of best waxed Sedgewicks Bridle leather in Dark Havana and lines it with a contrasting pigskin ( usually dark cherry red ) with the finished side towards the cups – result – the case can safely be put under the tap and washed out with warm soapy water and the case comes up clean each time with no stickiness left on the inside. My own Sloe gin cup case is over 20 years old and was the first one ( of many ) to made like this, to this day it is in remarkable condition and is very nearly perfect.

With each set of cups I include a double silver cleaning cloth, together with cleaning instructions.


We usually block in gold in 16 point (5 mm high) Roman Engravers – capitals for initials and a combination of upper and lower case for Shoot names.

This size is discrete but clearly legible, I am happy to discuss your requirements.



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