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Over several years at Game Fairs interested people have spoken to me about their collection of placefinders and they are clearly proud in particular of the silver ones. These have always intrigued me and I think that in particular the beautiful Asprey types are a real joy and I am always filled with covetous thoughts. Quite innocently I ask these collectors which placefinder in particular they normally use and almost invariably the answer is none – because they are too fiddly for cold hands and friends cant read the small numbers!

I have made silver placefinders using old ivory and whilst having a lot of fun collecting the silver, getting pegs cut and polished by old Bill, it was obvious that they just were not really practical for every day use. So I set about designing a decent set of ‘ collectors ‘ placefinders that hopefully would have the wow factor as well as being practical for those with perhaps cold hands and whose eyesight isn’t what it used to be!

I also had in mind the Lady who might be shopping for a gift for the oft quoted man who has everything!!



This is my latest placefinder, quite simple but stylish I think. It is a larger version of the Roxburghe but with bigger pegs and larger numbers.

The pegs are surmounted with solid silver thistle finials and the peg bodies and spar made from ivory casein (they look like ivory ). The round pegs are 3 cms high and the 10 peg case 140 cms long. Comes only with a Black Morocco Leather Casre which is lined with purple brushed pigskin and initials or a name can be gold blocked FOC on the outside, I think this placefinder has the wow factor.

To order I can make these pegs with any of the Northumberland finials ( see below ) in either silvergilt or plain solid silver.

Pegs made in Sussex and the case in our own work.



This is a beautiful placefinder and much favoured by collector/users. The pegs are individually turned from casein, which is then engraved and then highly polished. These detailed, skittle shaped pegs are 40mm long and 5mms in diameter. From time to time we change the detail on each set of pegs and the overall effect is very pleasing. Each peg is located into its own socket in a casein spar  hiding its number, this makes the peg easy to draw out and the whole is enclosed in a handmade black morocco case.



This is a new placefinder – the box is made from EPNS and the pegs are plain casein ( same size and shape as the Northumberland pegs ) it is much cheaper than its big brother the Northumberland and hopefully brings a really interesting placefinder into the financial realms of most shoots who want to start the day with style.

The box when closed, measures 65 x 45 mms and is 75mms high. It is not engraved or engine turned but nicely polished with a bead running around the base of the lower part. The top is not hinged – it is a push fit, but comes off easily and the pegs are arranged in three rows. The pegs are 60mms long and 8mms in diameter with the numbers engraved twice ( opposite sides ) on each peg, the numbers are 6mm high . These numbers are very easy to find and read even without reading glasses.

I hope the result is a practical, stylish silver placefinder with pegs that are easy to draw and read at a modest price.

Box made in Birmingham and the pegs in Sussex.

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