Stainless Steel Cups – Sets of 12, 18 or 20

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We offer three different sizes of stainless steel cups in sets of 12, 18 or 20.


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Unfortunately due to high christmas demands the large and small cups are on back order.

We offer three different sizes of stainless steel cups in sets of 12, 18 or 20, the small (130mls or 4.5fl oz capacity are 68mm high,57mm wide across the top and 43mm wide at the base), medium  (200mls or 7fl oz capacity are 80mm high, 73mm wide across the top and 45mm wide across the bottom) and large (300mls or 10.5fl oz capacity are 102mm high, 75mm wide at the top and 54mm wide across the bottom).

The Medium cups are plain with a gentle fluted top and Larger cups have a straight side. The small cup is satin banded. All cups are supplied in a quality, lined, dark brown leather case which is suitable for gold blocking.

Cup Sizes.
The small cups are ideal for sloe gin or port, the medium size for a moderate champagne or sloegasm, with the large cup for a more generous champagne or sloegasm.


All of our cups come with a custom made leather case. There are now a large number of shoots that use our cases and cups and their robustness and quality is clear to see, especially when you consider the age of some sets, in some instances the sets are well over ten years old.

Case construction

Our leather lined case is easily cleaned and wiped down should the remnants of a drink spill into it between elevenses and the end of the day.

The cups are made up of bridle leather and a pigskin lining. The outer of the case is a dark Havana coloured bridle leather and the lining of the case is a coloured pigskin with it’s finished side towards the cups for durability. The build process is a mix of machine stitching and hand box stitching on the case ends. This makes for a very strong and robust product.

Case Finishing

We can also personalise the case by embossing the case with initials, a name, or a shoot name.


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4 reviews for Stainless Steel Cups – Sets of 12, 18 or 20

  1. S. Palmer (verified owner)

    Excellent set of cups (20 x medium) and all supplied in a superb quality solid leather case that beats all other sets of cups I’ve ever seen. Perfect 11’s companion, you’ll be popular!

  2. Linda Rimell (verified owner)

    Fantastic telephone manner, excellent service and product !

  3. Francis Southall (verified owner)

    Very nice quality for the money .

  4. Mark H. (verified owner)

    Really nice product & very good service.

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