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In the format of our FSA Game book with multiple stalks per page, this fully bound book allows Deer Stalking enthusiasts to record their stalks in detail. This book is fully bound and will sit beautifully in a gun room or office. Be it reminiscing over previous seasons activity or recording a recent stalk, this book provides a great place to record memories, or more functionally the progress of a cull strategy.


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The book is 32cm / 22cm and covered with mock croc. The cover is blocked with “Stalking Journal” and the initials or name of the owner can also be added.

After the opening page with a pencil drawn Roe, the first records page consists of a double page for seasons totals and comments. There is space for 10 seasons. Headers left to right: Year, Red, Roe, Fallow, sika, Muntjac, four blank columns, Annual Totals, Comments (brief). The opposing page is left blank.

Moving into the main of the book, the records split down for individual stalks. There are 60 double pages with the following headers left to right: Date, Property & Beat, Stalk or Seat, Wind, Weather, Time, Calibre, Bullet, Range, Red, Roe, 4 blank column, Chest or Neck, Weight, Age, Trophy, Stalkers Name, Comments. Each column is split into 10 rows for an entry input left to right across both pages.

The book closes with 6 double pages for Sketches and photographs.

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Stalking Journal


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