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I used to wear these sheepskin lined mitts in my distant youth when the wigeon called and I had yet to have my first fright with mud patterns.

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I didnt realise that they were still made but of course gloves patterns are as old as time and my Dorset Firm has never stopped making them.

These gloves work on the principal that as long as your wrists and the backs of your hands are warm then your whole hand will be warm – and it works. I like these for spring and autumn salmon fishing and for shooting when it is very cold and or wet.

The difference between these gloves and the with fingers variety is that when you handle something wet repeatedly then your gloves get wet and that means cold fingers.

With these gloves your fingers will get wet but as the air will still circulate around them, they dry quite quickly; so you can have the luxury of warm hands and still feel the rod, gun , stick or whatever you have in your hands. You may have guessed that I like them.

Sizes S. M. L. XL.

Made in Dorset.

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