Gold RabbitGold PheasantGold FoxGold Tie Pin SelectionGold StoatGold Small & Large PartridgeGold MayflyGold GrouseGold WoodcockSilver Tie Pins (2)Selection of Silver Tie PinsSilver Tie Pins Selection9ct Gold Tie PinsMayflyMayfly Silver Tie TackMayfly Silver
9ct Gold Tie Pins
Gold Rabbit
Gold Pheasant
Gold Fox
Gold Tie Pin Selection
Gold Stoat
Gold Small & Large Partridge
Gold Mayfly
Gold Grouse
Gold Woodcock
Silver Tie Pins (2)
Selection of Silver Tie Pins
Silver Tie Pins Selection
9ct Gold Tie Pins
Mayfly Silver Tie Tack
Mayfly Silver

Tie Pins



Using the same models as our cufflinks, we offer 9ct Gold Tie Tacks with a very secure backing which can attach to the shirt, various models available all with diamond eyes.  Also available in silver with either Ruby or Sapphire eyes.



9ct Gold Tie Tacks with Diamond Eyes, Various models available and all cut from the same models as our cufflinks.


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Tie Tacks

Gold Large Partridge, Gold Small Partridge, Gold Grouse, Gold Pheasant, Gold Rabbit, Gold Woodcock, Gold Hunted Fox, Gold Mayfly, Gold Stoat, Silver Fox Head, Silver Hunted Fox, Silver Large Partridge, Silver Leaping Slamon, Silver Running Boar, Silver Small Partridge, Silver Grouse 2, Silver Stoat, Silver Woodcock, Silver Rabbit, The Silver Rabbit, The Silver Grouse, The Silver Pheasant, The Silver Mayfly


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