Solid Silver Vintage Champagne Cups (2)Vintage Champagne Cups
Vintage Champagne Cups
Solid Silver Vintage Champagne Cups (2)
Vintage Champagne Cups

Vintage Champagne Cups – Plated & Solid Silver



At 175mls, my vintage champagne cups are the same shape as the fluted champagnes but slightly smaller in size and each has a nice milled detail just above the base of the cup. Being slightly smaller they may be more suitable for serving Sloe gin as well as champagne. These cups are available in both gold washed silver plate or in Solid Silver.


Case Blocking + £20

Name or Initials with or without stops



I am aware that there are those amongst us who are concerned about shooting and drinking; and this cup is for those who enjoy a drink but are concerned about quantity – it is the same shape as our fluted champagne cups but it has 20% less capacity.

The Silver plated cup weighs 120 grms, it measures 7.5 cms in diameter across the fluted top, it stands 7.5 cms high and holds 175 mls nearly full, so say 120 mls in the field. These cups are supplied in sets of 10 or 12.

In my meanderings through Birminghams jewellery quarter I found a small firm that could make these cups with an interesting  milled band around the body – so I have given them the order. I think you can see from the photo that this band sets them off nicely and I am pleased with it, they are  gilded ( gold washed ) on the inside.

These cups are available in either silver plate or SOLID SILVER,

In Solid Silver these cups weighs 100 grams and they are perhaps more affordable than my heavy Fluted Champagnes. They are made from .958 purity silver and so bear the Britannia hall mark and they are gilded on the inside.

I often have a solid silver set without the milled band around the body.

These cups are made in Birmingham and the case in our workshop.



All of our cups come with a custom made leather case. There are now a large number of shoots that use our cases and cups and their robustness and quality is clear to see, especially when you consider the age of some sets, in some instances the sets are well over ten years old.

Case construction

Our leather lined case is easily cleaned and wiped down should the remnants of a drink spill into it between elevenses and the end of the day.

The cups are made up of bridle leather and a pigskin lining. The outer of the case is a dark Havana coloured bridle leather and the lining of the case is a coloured pigskin with it’s finished side towards the cups for durability. The build process is a mix of machine stitching and hand box stitching on the case ends. This makes for a very strong and robust product.

Case and Cup Finishing

We can also personalise the case by embossing the case with initials, a name, or a shoot name.

In addition to this we can engrave the cups with initials, a crest, or an image. If you are interested engraving the cups please contact us at to discuss the requirement and we will generate a quote for this bespoke service.

Additional information

Cup Choices

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