Fine Shooting Accessories

Founded in 2004, Fine Shooting Accessories Ltd. (FSA) was established with the sole purpose of providing the best possible products to the fieldsports industry whilst utilising some of the best British craft. From the outset, FSA has demanded the upmost performance from its products whilst keeping true to traditional British styling. This has resulted in a blend of innovation and tradition, that lead to some of the best gun slips and cartridge bags around, as well as the re-establishment of the Loadmaster, a quick loading device that is suitable for British, and amongst other, American walked-up and driven styles of shooting.

After over 15 years of trading, we have built a customer base that continues to grow, with orders coming from as far afield as New Zealand and Tasmania. From a young age when days were spent stalking pigeon in a field, we have been hooked and passionate about everything shooting. We can relate to the nerves experienced on a first day of driven pheasant shooting and the rush that comes with finding your form on truly epic birds that glide high over a valley or fast through the rugged moorland. We understand that passion, and we want our products to share in your experiences for years to come — trusted, used, and part of your most infamous days in the field.

In 2019, FSA changed ownership with the founder retiring to enjoy an increased amount of time in the field. It is with great pride that we, as an avid shooting family, take over FSA and continue the legacy of FSA’s founder.

We are committed to maintaining close links with the artisan British manufacturing industries, and are excited to be able to showcase their, and our, talents. We are constantly looking to develop additional products that not only show off the talent retained in Britain, but also remain true to our brand — timeless, traditional, functional, and bespoke.

An avid focus on quality within the production of our products sits at the heart of our ethos. The design and testing of our products is also extremely important to us. We have partnered with Morton Sporting Ltd Fieldsports Agency to help us field test our designs to ensure their robustness and usability. This time in the field, coupled with the material knowledge and skills possessed by the master craftsman with whom we engage, creates the products that we believe you can rely on. We sincerely hope that our love and passion for fieldsports is exhibited in each one of our products.

Our service provision is one that offers complete customisation, and with it, a level of uniqueness not commonly offered. We actively encourage you, our customers, to share your ideas and desires with us, to allow us to turn them into a reality. We want to engage with you to develop unique products that you can be proud of, from bespoke exotic slips and bags, to intricate engravings on our solid silver cups.

We remain committed to producing elegant and robust products for our customers that can be cherished for years to come, building confidence in performance, contributing to the revival of British artisan craft, and cherishing and celebrating the tradition of fieldsports.

2020 Brochure