Pair of Normandy cowhide slips
Pair of Normandy cowhide slips

Normandy Cow Hide Gun Slip



A beautiful gun slip made from a fur on hide that ensures a slip that is truly unique and personal. Each hide is hand selected by a master craftsman with years of experience. The design is fit for the very best guns providing great protection coupled with its traditional British style.

These slips are made to order in the UK by truly talented crafts people.


Please identify the total length of your gun

The slip will come with binding and stitching that complements the chosen colour of the slip. If you would like something specific please identify this in the box below.

Please use the box to identify the webbing style from the table, please use the grid reference to identify your selection

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Our custom gun slips are hand made in the UK from the finest materials in a traditional design.

These leather slips are made out of beautiful hides selected by a master craftsman to ensure that you get the very best quality and durability possible. They are lined in a real, thick, black fleece that provides protection suitable for the very best gun. Additional details include a hanging loop, heavy-duty zip, brass fittings and an adjustable shoulder strap. The shoulder straps can be made from a beautiful bridal leather or you can select from our unique webbing straps.

We offer a fully customisable slip, allowing you to set off the unique fur on hide with differing thread and binding colours. The overall length and fit of the slips are also tailored to your guns and there is the ability to block the slip(s) with your initials.

These slips are available as a single or a matched pair with two leather joining straps and the choice of one of our Quick Release Double Gun Straps or Leather straps with a removable joiner. As Normandy Cow Hides are a fur on hide every hide is unique although we will select hides to match should you decide to purchase a pair. With regards to the colour of the hides they are typically a mix of dark brown, tan, or white, with each hide differing we offer the three options; light, mixed, dark, we take your selection and use it to preference the main colours of the hide, dark brown or white. Mixed hides will be selected as standard without a main preference and a binding and stitch colour will be selected that complements the main body.

Other details can also be added. Differing muzzle designs, carry handles, buckled closure flaps as well as fleece lining colour can all be customised. If you have a specific request or idea please use the customisation box below or contact us for details and quotation.

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