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Spanish partridge shooting has developed a series of equipment particular to their own requirements and this is our version of their cartridge bag , but made from best quality leather and with the addition of a lid. Available with a shoulder strap or leather carry handle.


Please choose the type of carrying handle you would like.

Please provide the grid reference from the picture of the webbing you would like to use if you have selected a shoulder strap option.

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We make these in a number of leathers, some softer more supple leathers for those that might want to use them to carry a few things to a grouse butt for example, and others out of a stiffer leather for those that simply want a cartridge bucket.

Designed to hold more than 250 cartridges, this is a great partner for a Loadmaster, Quick release belt, or with its wide opening that can be easily accessed this bag is a great addition to A grouse butt or hide. Or for those that would prefer to go to a Butt prepared these bags can also be stuffed with essential items to keep you comfortable whilst waiting for a drive to commence.

These bags can be fully customised and made from ostrich or any other hides, perhaps one of your own. They come with a canvas shoulder strap or a leather carrying handle which keeps them versatile.

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