We are excited to introduce our new partnership with the talented

Zoe Fitchet

We are proud to be working with such a talented artist. From the point we initially found Zoe and commissioned two Gun Dog portraits for a 30th Birthday present, we have been avid fans. We were delighted when she agreed to work with us. Her work will be a great addition to our range.

Zoe is working with FSA to create a number of original British Game portraits that will be available as Originals and Limited Edition prints. The first of the series, “The Rush,” a trio or grouse is now available. There are also some other limited edition collaborations in the pipeline that we are excited to release later in the year.

As well as the British Game commissions, we are also delighted to offer Gun Dog portraits. These commissions are a fantastic way to immortalise a beloved shooting companion and make for a great gift for an important birthday or special occasion!


About the Artist

Zoe specialises in coloured pencils and acrylic paint. Her love of animals is expressed through creating highly detailed, realistic portraits. Self-taught, she has been working on her skills from a  young age. Big cats and large mammals have always been her favourite subject to draw and paint. As a wildlife artist, creating life or larger-than-life size pieces with a high level of detail and realism, she particularly likes to focus on animals that are endangered or whose populations are in decline, to help raise awareness and support conservation projects.

“I love to challenge myself to improve and achieve realism in my work.”