JP Loaders Belt



As part of our JP system this belt comes with or without a lid and sits in front of you to load from when you don’t want to be weighed down by a bag over the shoulder. The belt is designed to take the front pouch from the JP loaders bag to ensure that the system can answer all the requirements in the field


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Available in 12b to 4.10 calibres the pouch will be made to suit a JP loaders bag size of your choosing, if you don’t have our JP loaders bag already or don’t need one just yet we would suggest you pick the Loaders belt to fit the 150 size bag front pockets.

Available in all colours and leathers and with or without a lid this is a truly flexible product that answers some of the issues associated with typical cartridge belts, the pockets are easier to access, easier to fill on the go and there is less likelihood of knocking your stock on the cartridges that are exposed on the side of your body.

When measuring yourself for your belt please remember to do so as you will be wearing the item, i.e. over your shooting jacket or vest. The belts are made true to size with the centre hole being the length you request.

Additional information

Bag Size

70, 150, 250

Leather Colour / Type

Dark Havana Cowhide, Oxblood Cowhide, Conker Cowhide, Light Havana Cowhide, Dark Havana Pig Skin, Other Leather (POA)


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