Placefinder with Silver Pegs



Available to order in sets of 8, 10 or 12, these silver pegs with clear deep engraved numbers are both simple and elegant. Provided with a handmade, customisable leather wallet, the pegs remain understated but impressive.

Each peg is hallmarked and along with the case is made in the UK.


Case Blocking

Please type your desired blocking in the box below as you would like it to appear

Please type your blocking as you would like it to appear on the case

Please select the leather case colour from below. If you would like something different please select other and we will contact you after your purchase


Each peg weighs 5g and is 60mm long and 10mm wide, with an engraved number that is 10mm high.


The case is customisable and made to order. Initialing or shoot names can be added, as well, to provide a personal touch.


The case has a brushed pig skin lining and can be made from a number of different leathers to make up the walle. From oxblood ostrich to tan doe hide, we can make the case to your request. If the leather you desire is not listed, please select “Other,” and we will contact you to discuss options.


Additional information


8 Peg Silver Peg Placefinder, 10 Peg Silver Peg Placefinder, 12 Peg Silver Peg Placefinder


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