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Flat peg Placefinder
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Flat Peg Placefinders
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Placefinder or Positionfinder – Flat Peg



The FLAT PEG is the traditional shape of a placefinder and it has always been the most popular as it is easy to read, slips comfortably into the pocket and the pegs are easily withdrawn from the wallet. Our casein pegs are a very close substitute for ivory. The white pegs are 10mms wide and 50mms long with large, easily read, numbers in black.

The wallet is designed so that the front can be folded right back to allow the pegs to be very easily withdrawn, even by the coldest fingers.


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 These large peg placefinders are made in 8, 10 and 12 pegs and have become standard issue to hundreds of shoot captains all over the world. I am rather proud of the fact that I am the only person, that I know of, who has made de luxe Placefinders for over 30 years and as far as I am aware each one is still going strong to this day.

I offer the ivory casein (a milk derivative) pegs in large size pegs only. The wallets are made so that when offering the pegs – then the whole of the front and most of the back can be folded behind and trapped between the 2 and 3rd finger of the hand holding it – this exposes the top 2/3rds of the peg which makes them very easy to withdraw, even with cold hands.

The wallets are made in our own workshop in best morocco leather lined with brushed pigskin and you have a choice of black, dark brown, deep burgundy, dark green, mid green, purple, pink (yes pink), Olive, Red or a matt buff.

The pegs are made in the UK using ivory casein which is a great substitute for the real thing. Ivory casein is a totally natural product going back to the 1870’s and of course predates Bakelite –  it is made from milk and this natural process takes about 6 months. Ivory casein has striations just like ivory and it polishes beautifully so this is the perfect material from which to make our pegs.

We make our casein pegs in one size only – 50mm long by 10mm wide and 2mm thick. They are a good size to grasp and the black numbers are 6mm high so they are very easy to read (even without glasses!). We engrave the numbers as SIX and NINE to avoid  confusion when numbering 10 or more.

We hold a stock of spare pegs should you loose one.

We are happy to gold block the wallet with initials or the shoots name.

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