Wild Boar Cufflinks with French Hunting Horn



Wild boar cufflinks with a good french hunting horn; a very popular pair of cufflinks even with people who have never seen one!




Driven wild boar and hunting horn cufflinks with a gold plated hunting horn, the pair have two different models both running flat out!  We also stock Wild Boars Head Cufflinks and Dress Shirt Stud Sets.

Driven wild boar shooting is now well known in this country, but it was not always so. Pigs on the continent are expanding by at at least 5% per annum and they are becoming a rather nice problem for those of us who enjoy shooting something that can and does bite back. Each year in France at least 10 people are killed by wild boar and I have been charged twice – interesting.

Size – 25 mms long, designed by PR and made in Birmingham .

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Silver Wild Boar Cufflinks with Swivel Backs, Silver Wild Boar with Gold Plated Hunting Horn, 9 Ct Gold Wild Boar with Swivel Back, 9 Ct Gold Driven Wild Boar and French Hunting Horn


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