Deluxe JP Northumberland Cartridge Bag



The new Deluxe JP Northumberland bag, made in the UK and fully customisable. A hinged lid, double hinged strap, buckle closure and unique ergonomic but stylish shape. Originally designed with a hide or Grouse Butt in mind, the introduction of it’s new features mean that it is equally comfortable over the shoulder on a pheasant drive.

A truly stunning bag that will catch the eye for all the right reasons.


Webbing Choice + £30

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The original JP Northumberland Grouse Bag was designed with JP for grouse and pigeon shooting which led to the bag having a unique shape that was lightweight and practical.

The original JP featured a large flat base with an extra large opening to provide quick and easy access to cartridges, a flat handle on the rear of the bag and a capacity of 150 cartridges.

The Deluxe JP has retained the shape and ethos of the Original JP and combined it with the best features of our Best Cartridge Bags. As such, we now have a bag that is fully customisable in terms of leather, thread, and liner with a strap that can be upgraded to one of your stable belt straps.

Additional information

Cartridge Bag


Leather Colour / Type

Dark Havana Cowhide, Oxblood Cowhide, Conker Cowhide, Light Havana Cowhide, Dark Havana Pig Skin, Other Leather (POA)


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