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Gun slip straps are straight forward; most gun slip straps are made from narrow leather with buckles and loops which are never used, they support about 9 lbs of gun and slip and cut into the shoulder. Our webbing gunslip straps are wide ( up to 3″ ) and have no buckles – very comfortable to use as they distribute the weight well and there are no buckles to rub on your shoulder.


D Ring Distance

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Webbing preference ( please see photo ) i.e. R4 x 6 is the webbing on row 4, 6th from left.



Our Gun slip straps are made from nice wide webbing with leather ends secured by solid brass rivets; they don’t have buckles and don’t cut into your shoulder! You have a wide choice of  colourful webbings and  leather ends in four colours to match your slip.

Please choose your webbing from the photo eg R6 x 3  is the 6th row down and 3rd one from the left.

Most gunslips attach to the strap by two D rings 30 to 34 inches apart – our webbing straps attach to these perfectly. Our straps are a simple length of webbing with leather ends – these ends fasten with a double headed brass rivets; on each leather end there are three holes of which you choose two – this gives you adjustment for the length.

Again you have a choice of leather end colour; Dark Havana, Oxblood, Conker and Light Havana. As the leather ends fit through D rings we make the ends a standard 26 mms wide, very strong and secure.

If your slip has D rings which are not 30 to 34 inches apart (American slips usually) then please advise. Every thing is handmade to order so variations on the theme are straight forward and cost the same.


We now have a variation for the Gunslip strap, this is a new method of attaching the strap to the slip using two brass spring loaded clips attached to the webbing ends. These are much quicker to clip on and off the slips D rings – very useful if you regularly detach/attach the strap from the slip. This situation is most likely to occur if you have a pair of slips and use our double gun strap ( see below) – if you wish to use the individual slips separately ( perhaps lending one ) then it is a simple job to unclip one slip from the double gun strap and clip on the spare strap.


Indeed we now offer the clip attachment on our double gun straps; fitting this double strap with quick release ends to your pair of slips will take less than 30 seconds.


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  1. Bjorn Astrand

    The market is full of gun slips of different brand, material and looks. It is however really nice to be able to design your own slip in your own colours and with the leather ends of your own choice. I love my two straps and in particular the quiet leather endings that adds that extra touch!

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